Sunday, 17 October 2010

First Blog

So my first real blog, as everyone is probably writing. I’m not too sure what to write about. But here goes. So the first real lecture.


What is it?

It seems nobody quite knows.

In are seminar discussing is it good or bad?

I personally crave realism in games and animation. I love the constant push of technology pushing the realism and details of CGI. However as everything has to sides. Realism always seems to the sacrifice to either gameplay or storyline. Avatar is a prime example, such a bound ward push of technology but with such a lack of story, and substance. Although I was pleased with general look of the film. The story didn’t keep me gripped.

We also discussed game difficult, I tend to play normal until I complete the game and then go to hard, and if I still survive "Insane" or "Impossible" however once reaching this level of difficult. I constantly find myself dying. And restarting after every mistake I make. And arguing realism...
it’s a clear failure.

The debate then kicked up why do we play games and watch films/animation. It’s not to see realism. It’s to be captured and escape reality. The development of SFX and VFX have helped effects become more real and more believable thus making us fall into the story. My argument is the story is more important than the effects. If we look at Pixar’s UP! Are box headed character and his lady friend. Had crowds in tears at the cinemas, in the first 10 minutes. Not many films have the ability to have that much control over an audience.

I don’t think that anyone will ever be able to explain realism, but I think all we can do is look at what entertains us and push that. If that draws us into the surreal, real or something in between. Then so be it. If definitely won’t be answered by my blog. However it has opened my eyes to what entertains us and what we consider real. And as an audience do we want or even need realism.

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