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Okay this lecture was about western and eastern animation.

Exactly what I think, but I wasn't brought up with eastern animations, its not familiar its strange, that probably wont I don't like it that much. I haven't seen that many eastern animations. I just don't follow the plot, most of the time im not sure if there is a plot of if its just various random events happening to a set of character.

I follow western films so much easier even shorts are easier to follow. Pixar shorts are a keen example of this.

Although under 10 minutes they all amuse and impress me. The character have strong personality's, and tell a story however short. But are told well.

Disney and most other western films are about a character development, normally leading up to a final moment. When there new skills or personality's helps them overcome an obstacle. There narrative driven, however most films can be argued that there a mixture between the two with a few exceptions. However keeping to traditional view points in western cinema keep you alive separating too far from what is accepted will get you killed.

And Bill's favourite
Some images in this maybe disturbing for some viewers

Unlike in Eastern Cinema where they are rewarded.

We can see the development of Western cinema in those examples of Lord of the rings.

Have to say Im getting into this blogging malarkey.
Being serious I quite enjoying coming on here now, writing getting some idea down. Going doing some research, finding some pictures, watching some videos. And even doing some reading, and from a dyslexic who hates reading. That's something..

Although I dont keep to the set thing such as screen violence when I had to massive rants I found that probably the most interesting to research, using new found information, as well as previous knowledge. Although this is probably a bore to read, as I'm not a witty or a funny writer.
Some people believe that visual effects and animation are now spoiling films.
Okay a fair statement. But the first use of camera tricks and special effects and models would of probably would have been told the same.
My point is that the idea of not using new technology new techniques, is stupid. I'm not saying covert completely and not use traditional techniques. But directors at the time would of used the techniques we have to day if given the opportunity. Its stupid to stop moving forward, the whole point of every industry is too keep pushing the boundaries.

So CGI can be to clean cut however, instead of not using it why not develop it so that gritty, grungy environments can be made.

Looks pretty grungy to me I think some films are ruined by the choice of actors used, especially iconic or famous actors. As I think of them in previous roles and its not right. At least with CGI they can be made to look totally different. If Mass Effect was made into a film, I would watch it, I may not have great expectations because the game-film leap normally fails in my opinion. However I'm sure I would be blown away by the quality of the 3D.
  • War of the Worlds
  • I Robot
  • Avatar
  • District 9
  • Back to the Future
  • Inception
  • ET
  • Tron
  • The Matrix's
  • Blade Runner
  • Star Trek
  • Alien
  • Predator
  • Planet of The Apes
Just thought Id list some movies there me comment on them may not, will see how this goes.
Okay so the genre sci-fi, science fiction, okay want to quickly distinguished that sci-fi is fantasy but isn't classed as fantasy in genre. This is because science fiction believe it or not is based on you guessed it. SCIENCE. Where as fantasy have realms of magic or some other kind of magic.

Okay many components of sci-fi

  • Robots
  • Alien
  • Outer Space
  • The breaking of physics as we know it
  • Discovery of New technology
  • Set in the future
However these alone don't really set you up for a good film. Some good potential CGI yeah? but that doesn't lead to a good narrative.

Okay just grabbed the top of my list of films.
  • War of the Worlds
  • I Robot
  • Avatar
  • District 9
  • Back to the Future
  • Inception
Okay to a extent these all involve love.
Love for children
Love of old ways
The love of another race
The love for a wife
The love of the girl
The love of the girl

Wow what a surprised , 4 of those 6. Had a love story involved. Okay my question is, which is the main story? the science fiction or the love story?

Avatar for example, without the sub side story of the love of Neytiri without with there would be no real story. It would of gone, go to planet, find the aliens, kill the aliens, take there treasure.
Change Planet to land, alien to people. And wow its been done before ?:o

I personally think all stories are primarily about love, and that all stories in theory are the same. But what is wrong with that? All humans love, we all live and die. That are story put simply.

In westerns the hero loves a girl

Brands of Western:
Science Ficition.

The Same goes for Sci Fi

Soft and Social
Time Travel
Alternative History
Super Human
Space Opera
Space Western
New Wave
Steam Punk
Bio Punk

So my conclusions to this there is only one generic story to tell.
The plot is then thickened by adding a genre, horror, western, comedy, sci-fi
Then an extra sub genre is added for yet another level of depth.
They are then differentiated by the personal story of each character and there back story/personality's and twists with the plot. An evil character turns out to be good and vice versa.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Orginal Tron

New Tron

Its recent, its new, its relevant, its a time stamp, its Tron!

Okay forget about special effects. Just the way the trailers are presented to us now are so different. Cut scenes, camera angles lighting, length, music, voice overs. Action, explosions, NEON!

Foreseeable to say the least. Okay when literally done like that trailers of today also seem, well stupid. Although the effort to put into these trailers has probably increased and all the techniques are specifically tailored to are supposed wants. A strange attempt from a life of a American fire man, however at the time they where probably forcing new limits, and testing new techniques.

Check out the original Rocky trailer, the voice over at the beginning.... amused me to say the least

Vs The New Trailer..

Okay I Sat down for 5 and tried to think of some films I think have been spoilt by new media.

To me this little fella will always be Yoda

Not this guy

Although the new media allows better quality images, sometimes the lack of this. And the lack of use of what now we call common techniques. Which at the time would of seen as contemporary. However mistake and basic cinematography can be charming. And the fact that this is all removed takes out the character from older films, and now films tend to feel similar, and bland.
Okay Screen violence, got a bit carried away in my last post.

Okay my point was too the last rant is that there where lots of contributing factors that caused the two boys to commit the crime they did.

Clearly the two boys where psychological unstable and to find the cause of what brought them to commit the act they did would be impossible now.

5.6 million copes of Call Of Duty: Black Ops where sold in North America in the first 24 hours of release. From what I'm aware there was no mass killing by gamer teenagers, or a rush of recruits to the military.

The nature to kill is innate in human as it is for all creatures. Fight or Flight.

However there are numerous ways in which psychology has tried to explain aggression. After studying this last year I actually have use for it again. Who knew?

One of these theories is the social learning theory, if we see other succeed doing an action, we are more likely to commit the action. This could be linked to video games as in most games the character acts aggressively and succeed in his quest, mission or task. The gamer may unconscious acknowledge this as a way to succeed and mimic the behaviour. There was evidence to support this, the week after a Major Boxing match in the US homicide increased dramatically. Although no direct conclusion can be made, this could be seen as proof.

Another study was done of children using a Bobo doll, this was conducted by Bandura et al. The children were either shown a video clip of someone acting aggressively to the doll. E.g. punching and kicking. Or someone playing nicely with the doll. They found the group of children shown the aggressive video displayed higher level of physical and verbal abuse to the doll. One child also picked up a toy gun from the same room and put the barrel to the dolls head.

This can also be linked to the Stanford Prison experiment conducted by Zimbardo, this is one of my favourite psychological experiments. It tests how people act when they are given a role to play, prisoner or prison guard. They where told to act in the role, and where given costume accordingly. However no specific action where they told to do. But the prison guard took an aggressive and dominant approach over the prisoner, who where just fellow students. The experiment got out of hand by day 6 one of the prisoner even shown signs of going crazy before the end of the experiment.

Yet again if your interested worth a watch. Amazing what the human kind can do after been given power.
There are some picture and video clips that can be disturbing.

This can also been linked to Abu Ghraib, and how American solider could treat the prisoner so badly so easily.

The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo

Took me awhile to find this, could be boring, I liked it. I'm not sure I like this theory, found this lecture interesting, tell me what you think.

There are some picture that can be disturbing.

Okay to relate this back to violence again, these other factors could increase the likelihood of people becoming aggressive. The video games could just act as a reinforcement.

I also found out the mean age for gamers is 35, older than what thought it would be do, only 25% of gamers are younger than 18. So the teenagers from shootings where a tiny percentage, like I said earlier 5.6 million copies where sold, say two became mass killer from that. That is a tiny percentage, how can that be blamed on a computer games. Whenever I play a game I'm aware I'm playing a game I know its not real, I never get confused about what is real and what is not. I think the the blame of video games for violence is just a scapegoat.

Although games like Grand Theft Auto and Man Hunt and DOOM all have strange level of violence, its a choice to play and I don't think we can conclude that games can cause violence.

Back to Good and Evil

Milgram Study

Think may shock you..
it may not depends how you perceived the human race, if you watched the Zimbardo video I'm repeating myself.

Could the Holocaust Happen Here?
Would you kill somebody if someone told you to..

In Milgram Study 1000 people responded to an Ad in a paper, they where told that the study was based on memory. They where given $4 for there time. Ordinary people. One will become the learner the other the teacher. The learner is actually a confederate someone paid the experiment to act in a certain way, the learner is hooked up to an electrical apparatus. A man in a lab coat, tells the teacher to ask a question and either shock them if they get the question wrong or to ask another question if they answer correctly. The first shock is 15 volts, unfeelable by human. The last in the scale is 450 volts capable to kill a human man, on the machine at 375 volts danger. They predicted only 1% would go to 450 volts, two thirds went to 450 volts. Only one participant wouldn't of killed the learner out of 1000. Less than 99% stood up to authority. The man screams out at one point to show his in pain, after a few more shocks, the learner goes silent. (To presume death)

(No pun intended)

Maybe there should be less haste to blame the media, when moral can be thrown away then authority tells you other whys.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Virginia Tech mascara Had nothing to do with video game violence, he killed 32 people on April 16th 2007

Anyway I wanted to do some research on gunmen and the Columbine Shooting .Harris was rejected from the marine core 5 days before the shooting. They together killed 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves.

According to a video they wore t-shirts with Natural Selection written on them, maybe this is a play on Darwin natural process of eliminating the inferior population .

The two where apparently bullied for 4 years before, in journals he kept there are records of how he wasn't respected and how there would be revenge. The video go on to explain that it was more about high school rejection rather than the violence in video games. And there role in high school hierarchy was low. Maybe this out-lash of rage was there way to eliminate this social ladder. At one point one said to the "shoot anyone with a white hat on" which one of student explains is what the "jocks" wore. The same students recalls them mocking a black student because of his race, they later kill them.

The pair had a criminal record for breaking into a van.

Perhaps the uniform allowed them to reduce them personal responsibly for the act, which allows the person to remove themselves emotional from the situation to pass the blame to other. This has been used to explain how it was so easy for Nazis to killed Jews in concentration camps. This is why warriors war paint, as they reduce there natural appearance, this is also a reason why the military and police wear uniforms to made the acts they have to do easier for them.

" We will be in all black.
Duster, black army pants...
It'll be like the LA riots, the
Oklahoma bombing, World
War Two, Vietnam,
all mix together."

Also killing people in a crowd is easier to do as dehumanisation kicks in which is psychological term as it allows a crowd to become faceless and therefore they no longer are seen as people but as a group.
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Long black trench coats
  • Rifle
  • Shawn Off Shot Gun x2
  • Semi automatic hand gun
How where teenagers able to acquire this kind of weaponry?
Older friends unaware of there plans, purchased the fire arms.

They had been building and detonating there own pipe bombs, and had been caught by the police. Had police perused this would the shooting of took place?

They had planned this for month and collecting supplies.

Perhaps their plans wouldn't of taken place if it wasn't so easy so acquire all the weaponry.

Although video games are now used to train military in accuracy the teenagers had deadly accuracy for untrained civilians. Games such as American Army (AA) which are used to
find potential recruits. They also managed to practice at a shooting range.

However Dylan was known to have an explosive temper, and fought with his boss and swore at teachers. However Eric had anger-management classes, and he had a website declaring he wanted to kill his younger brother "Brooks". They both have psychological problems, and Dylan was actually self loafing and Eric was angry and lacked a conscious and wanted to hurt everyone.

"all I want to do is kill, as many of you as I can"

In there plans they planned to kill themselves or be killed by the police.

They show in one of the diaries and describe himself as God like.

Final Report Videos: For those more interested, explanation and recreation. Well worth watching if you do find this topic interesting. It also includes real like and CCTV footage.

Ive gone off and this is just because I was interested in the events. However will make another post soon, about actually screen violence.
Snow White...

The Flesicher Brothers, Betty Boops original version of Snow White, a very strange version compared to the Disney version to what I have seen previously. However they are both different takes of the same story, the Disney version is more narratively driven with a set story, whereas the Betty Boop Version seems to have no real plot and is just a character going through random events. However both are enjoyable to watch. But I prefer the Disney version however this maybe because I have been brought up on narrative driven stories, however it may not be, it maybe a western thing. I have seen clips from Japanese animations which also seem to have no plot to me. So it maybe a culture difference.

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but rather the art of movements that are drawn. What happens between each frame is more important than what happens on each frame”.
- Norman Mclaren
The Fourth wall is used a lot in animation first used in the theatre. Its a term for talking or referring to the audience. Comes from stage set, one on the back, one to the left, one to the right, and the the fourth wall which separates the audience from the actors. The breaking of this wall breaks the illusion of a separate world, which nowadays is used a lot in comedy.

As you saw from both clips, they use the fourth wall to either talk to the animator or to the audience. This is amusing and its first use was probably revolutionary. The family guy clips is from something something dark side, and is getting used more and more in series as they go on. In the second series the technique was used mealy twice whereas in the seventh series it was used countless times. This technique breaks both what we saw earlier and it break both the narrative and the character drive of the animation. And we become aware that the animator is in control and is aiming this process of please us the audience.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The lecture I missed!
Was said about missing this as, when I next spoke to people about it, I got a really postive response, and lots of people have decieded to do there essays on it.

What i gathered from the notes and powerpoint is that interextuallity is nothing is truly orginal everything we see or recreate or think or read about. Already exsits.

For example

Just some vampires i thought of the top of my head, a fair few. All based on the same story, twisted changed a variety of different looks and styles however when it comes down to anyalse they are all just remakes of a charcter in a book.

Again when i think of a dark hero, i think strider (aragorn) from lord of the rings, i think Solomon Kane and Van Helsing.

No real hiding it here, they could all be the same charcter.

Anyway moving the other thought i had after reading is sequels or other film refrences.

Things that come to mind are Pixar with refrence to there other films
Family most episodes have some sort of parody in them for example "something something dark side"

As a family guy fan, and a star wars fan. I really enjoyed this episode. Its just one large pardody however in contrast to this in planet of the apes the same charcter use the same line from the orginal film to the remake and pay tribute to that. It all pokes fun in the story for example the first line, "look we got 4 or 5 of the main charcter on the ship i think we will be fine" its true and when you think about it, its was unlikely they would kill 5 charcters off. The reference to the robot camals, maybe the orginal idea for the book was based on a camal, showing another unorginal idea, the way family guy pokes fun of the concept of a robot camal is funny as it show us literally what we are looking at it.

Another funny video is parody of a the new tron trailer.
as it literally describes everything that happens, which makes the actions and cinemotraghy look silly.

If you liked that assisans creed brotherhood also have a parody

Iconic moment in films are worth using in remakes if it works well however sometimes it doesnt work well and it feel artfical and cheesey.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

So yeah my blog for the most recent lecture, I can’t actually wait to talk about this. I missed last week lecture, which I’m not sure if that gave me more motivation to enjoy this lecture. But the atmosphere just felt different. Anyway I thought of doing a Vlog, a video blog. I was talking to a few guys a couple of 2D another 3D guy and a games art guys, and they also felt quite keen on the idea. Not being the best person to explain ideas, I thought a debate/discussion on camera would be quite interesting. Not only would it be naturally more personal and casual, it would probably get more ideas as I tend to forget idea very quickly and normally sketch them out before they go. So I think a live discussion could be helpful, not only for me but everyone one the media building as we are all creative thinkers. So plan to ask Ivan next week to see if that’s possible to do or drop an email.
Okay so let’s get down to business. Binary opposites. When I heard this I dreaded it the first think that came to mind was 10101001010000101 thank god it wasn’t. What it was was much better, actually opposites. As Ivan said we understand things by both what it is and what it is not. Good and Evil for example, we know what good is as we know what evil is. We know someone who does good deeds is not evil. However the world is just “white and black” as the expression goes. There are shades of grey in between everything. Good and evil is things of fiction, everyone sometime if there life has debated whether to do something bad. This would automatically make them a little bit bad. And evil people also have feelings and have most probably done a nice act and therefore are not just evil. Most “evil” people had visions, Hitler for example probably considered one of the most evil men to live, his ideology’s may not have been evil it just wasn’t normal and the means of getting the results were also not humane. The same is true of good this time I will use a character as an example instead of real person. Batman for example, batman is good. He fights crime, puts away the bad guys. However the reasons for batman to do what he does are not good, he fight crime to avenge his bad parents. His physical appearance and his name also mirror this darkness of the batman.
He where black, a cloaked figure of the night, named after a “creepy/evil” creature. Everything about batman physical look is evil. And if you made a similar character without the logo. And showed this to people and asked them if this was a hero or a villain. I would presume the most common response would be villain. However due to batman’s acts and what we already know about him we known in fact that he is actually a hero. Although is considered an antihero, as James Cordon demonstrates in the film and comic.

We took this a step further with Malcolm today in the seminar he made us work in a group and to discuss binary opposites. Eventually we had to choose a genre of film or of media or choose a character or two to compare. And as a group we found the binary opposites of the things. We for example did Disney Pixar’s Up. We compared Carl Fredricksen and Russell. We compared there attitudes, and physical appearance and found some interesting links. We also looked at how they interacted with each other. We found a range of similarity between the two characters especially as we considered the younger Carl, I thought it was interesting how Pixar had used a physical appearance to mirror the personality difference. However we also discussed how they grew as characters together and compromised their own beliefs and made each other see the world in a different way. Carl ended up more warm hearted and adventurous as he once was when we a boy. And Carl taught Russell how to be brave and that there is more to the world. I think together as character they both really work, and although I have no doubt that these characters could exist without each other they wouldn’t serve much purpose and wouldn’t change and there would be no growth or development.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Okay this is a late post, I can i enjoyed this lecture I talk to my flatmates and they explain there lectures and they sound dull. I liked that we were playing to are skills and are lectures are visual based. The chance to have to work as a pair and draw was quite different. Will post up my poor random drawing thing.

However I like this concept of semiotics
One thing about all this is of the words.. too many!

But anyway lets hit this into lamens terms, so I can try and work this out.

The way I took the lecture and read the notes. There are two things. The real and the psychological. If I type the word Tree now. You will have a mental idea in your head of a tree. It maybe the word, a drawing, a painting, a photograph, a piece of film, it maybe somewhere you have been. But you will understand what a tree is, is you speak english which i expect you do :)However there are different levels of these mental images. Or physical copies of the orginal

Obviously the most real thing is the Tree itself, when maybe a piece of film, a photo, to a drawing then to the word tree. This can be subdivied even more as a childs drawing of a tree, which any child would be able to do. And as human are minds could work out these marks on the page are a tree. Whereas if we compare this to John Constable paintings of a tree
Hello thought i add something to my last post.


Multiplayer. Probably the most powerful tool or feature to a game.
Genrally as I dont game as much as I used too. I like to play multiplayer, now this can mean sitting with a mate controller each. Or over Xbox live. Either playing with people its the most enjoyable experince I have done throughout my gaming life. I think the experince of playing with someone else weather I know them or not increase the pleasure from the game. Whatever genre of game Ive played Fighting, Racings, Role Playing or First Person Shooters the experince is just different.

Okay Im not going to lie, there are alot of annoying people on xbox live and I have turned off the sound more than one time. However I have also played in a clans with organised games. Which is really enjoyable experince as you play with similar minded people with the same aims and the same level of experince. The best two games I have played online are Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and unfortunately World of Warcraft. However these are also the worst games i have played online and the level of realism has been decreased however playing with real people, in real time, with real reactions is alot more realistic and natural than firing at pre developed material.

Just wanted to add something to that post.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

First Blog

So my first real blog, as everyone is probably writing. I’m not too sure what to write about. But here goes. So the first real lecture.


What is it?

It seems nobody quite knows.

In are seminar discussing is it good or bad?

I personally crave realism in games and animation. I love the constant push of technology pushing the realism and details of CGI. However as everything has to sides. Realism always seems to the sacrifice to either gameplay or storyline. Avatar is a prime example, such a bound ward push of technology but with such a lack of story, and substance. Although I was pleased with general look of the film. The story didn’t keep me gripped.

We also discussed game difficult, I tend to play normal until I complete the game and then go to hard, and if I still survive "Insane" or "Impossible" however once reaching this level of difficult. I constantly find myself dying. And restarting after every mistake I make. And arguing realism...
it’s a clear failure.

The debate then kicked up why do we play games and watch films/animation. It’s not to see realism. It’s to be captured and escape reality. The development of SFX and VFX have helped effects become more real and more believable thus making us fall into the story. My argument is the story is more important than the effects. If we look at Pixar’s UP! Are box headed character and his lady friend. Had crowds in tears at the cinemas, in the first 10 minutes. Not many films have the ability to have that much control over an audience.

I don’t think that anyone will ever be able to explain realism, but I think all we can do is look at what entertains us and push that. If that draws us into the surreal, real or something in between. Then so be it. If definitely won’t be answered by my blog. However it has opened my eyes to what entertains us and what we consider real. And as an audience do we want or even need realism.