Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Have to say Im getting into this blogging malarkey.
Being serious I quite enjoying coming on here now, writing getting some idea down. Going doing some research, finding some pictures, watching some videos. And even doing some reading, and from a dyslexic who hates reading. That's something..

Although I dont keep to the set thing such as screen violence when I had to massive rants I found that probably the most interesting to research, using new found information, as well as previous knowledge. Although this is probably a bore to read, as I'm not a witty or a funny writer.

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  1. does anyone know how to fix the time on this, because it says I posted with at 14:16 and on my clock it says 22:23. So unless some how I've discovered time travel with my blog. There defiantly a problem..

    If anyone knows just give me a comment