Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Okay this lecture was about western and eastern animation.

Exactly what I think, but I wasn't brought up with eastern animations, its not familiar its strange, that probably wont I don't like it that much. I haven't seen that many eastern animations. I just don't follow the plot, most of the time im not sure if there is a plot of if its just various random events happening to a set of character.

I follow western films so much easier even shorts are easier to follow. Pixar shorts are a keen example of this.

Although under 10 minutes they all amuse and impress me. The character have strong personality's, and tell a story however short. But are told well.

Disney and most other western films are about a character development, normally leading up to a final moment. When there new skills or personality's helps them overcome an obstacle. There narrative driven, however most films can be argued that there a mixture between the two with a few exceptions. However keeping to traditional view points in western cinema keep you alive separating too far from what is accepted will get you killed.

And Bill's favourite
Some images in this maybe disturbing for some viewers

Unlike in Eastern Cinema where they are rewarded.

We can see the development of Western cinema in those examples of Lord of the rings.

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