Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Virginia Tech mascara Had nothing to do with video game violence, he killed 32 people on April 16th 2007

Anyway I wanted to do some research on gunmen and the Columbine Shooting .Harris was rejected from the marine core 5 days before the shooting. They together killed 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves.

According to a video they wore t-shirts with Natural Selection written on them, maybe this is a play on Darwin natural process of eliminating the inferior population .

The two where apparently bullied for 4 years before, in journals he kept there are records of how he wasn't respected and how there would be revenge. The video go on to explain that it was more about high school rejection rather than the violence in video games. And there role in high school hierarchy was low. Maybe this out-lash of rage was there way to eliminate this social ladder. At one point one said to the "shoot anyone with a white hat on" which one of student explains is what the "jocks" wore. The same students recalls them mocking a black student because of his race, they later kill them.

The pair had a criminal record for breaking into a van.

Perhaps the uniform allowed them to reduce them personal responsibly for the act, which allows the person to remove themselves emotional from the situation to pass the blame to other. This has been used to explain how it was so easy for Nazis to killed Jews in concentration camps. This is why warriors war paint, as they reduce there natural appearance, this is also a reason why the military and police wear uniforms to made the acts they have to do easier for them.

" We will be in all black.
Duster, black army pants...
It'll be like the LA riots, the
Oklahoma bombing, World
War Two, Vietnam,
all mix together."

Also killing people in a crowd is easier to do as dehumanisation kicks in which is psychological term as it allows a crowd to become faceless and therefore they no longer are seen as people but as a group.
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Long black trench coats
  • Rifle
  • Shawn Off Shot Gun x2
  • Semi automatic hand gun
How where teenagers able to acquire this kind of weaponry?
Older friends unaware of there plans, purchased the fire arms.

They had been building and detonating there own pipe bombs, and had been caught by the police. Had police perused this would the shooting of took place?

They had planned this for month and collecting supplies.

Perhaps their plans wouldn't of taken place if it wasn't so easy so acquire all the weaponry.

Although video games are now used to train military in accuracy the teenagers had deadly accuracy for untrained civilians. Games such as American Army (AA) which are used to
find potential recruits. They also managed to practice at a shooting range.

However Dylan was known to have an explosive temper, and fought with his boss and swore at teachers. However Eric had anger-management classes, and he had a website declaring he wanted to kill his younger brother "Brooks". They both have psychological problems, and Dylan was actually self loafing and Eric was angry and lacked a conscious and wanted to hurt everyone.

"all I want to do is kill, as many of you as I can"

In there plans they planned to kill themselves or be killed by the police.

They show in one of the diaries and describe himself as God like.

Final Report Videos: For those more interested, explanation and recreation. Well worth watching if you do find this topic interesting. It also includes real like and CCTV footage.

Ive gone off and this is just because I was interested in the events. However will make another post soon, about actually screen violence.

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