Sunday, 12 December 2010

Orginal Tron

New Tron

Its recent, its new, its relevant, its a time stamp, its Tron!

Okay forget about special effects. Just the way the trailers are presented to us now are so different. Cut scenes, camera angles lighting, length, music, voice overs. Action, explosions, NEON!

Foreseeable to say the least. Okay when literally done like that trailers of today also seem, well stupid. Although the effort to put into these trailers has probably increased and all the techniques are specifically tailored to are supposed wants. A strange attempt from a life of a American fire man, however at the time they where probably forcing new limits, and testing new techniques.

Check out the original Rocky trailer, the voice over at the beginning.... amused me to say the least

Vs The New Trailer..

Okay I Sat down for 5 and tried to think of some films I think have been spoilt by new media.

To me this little fella will always be Yoda

Not this guy

Although the new media allows better quality images, sometimes the lack of this. And the lack of use of what now we call common techniques. Which at the time would of seen as contemporary. However mistake and basic cinematography can be charming. And the fact that this is all removed takes out the character from older films, and now films tend to feel similar, and bland.

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