Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Some people believe that visual effects and animation are now spoiling films.
Okay a fair statement. But the first use of camera tricks and special effects and models would of probably would have been told the same.
My point is that the idea of not using new technology new techniques, is stupid. I'm not saying covert completely and not use traditional techniques. But directors at the time would of used the techniques we have to day if given the opportunity. Its stupid to stop moving forward, the whole point of every industry is too keep pushing the boundaries.

So CGI can be to clean cut however, instead of not using it why not develop it so that gritty, grungy environments can be made.

Looks pretty grungy to me I think some films are ruined by the choice of actors used, especially iconic or famous actors. As I think of them in previous roles and its not right. At least with CGI they can be made to look totally different. If Mass Effect was made into a film, I would watch it, I may not have great expectations because the game-film leap normally fails in my opinion. However I'm sure I would be blown away by the quality of the 3D.
  • War of the Worlds
  • I Robot
  • Avatar
  • District 9
  • Back to the Future
  • Inception
  • ET
  • Tron
  • The Matrix's
  • Blade Runner
  • Star Trek
  • Alien
  • Predator
  • Planet of The Apes
Just thought Id list some movies there me comment on them may not, will see how this goes.
Okay so the genre sci-fi, science fiction, okay want to quickly distinguished that sci-fi is fantasy but isn't classed as fantasy in genre. This is because science fiction believe it or not is based on you guessed it. SCIENCE. Where as fantasy have realms of magic or some other kind of magic.

Okay many components of sci-fi

  • Robots
  • Alien
  • Outer Space
  • The breaking of physics as we know it
  • Discovery of New technology
  • Set in the future
However these alone don't really set you up for a good film. Some good potential CGI yeah? but that doesn't lead to a good narrative.

Okay just grabbed the top of my list of films.
  • War of the Worlds
  • I Robot
  • Avatar
  • District 9
  • Back to the Future
  • Inception
Okay to a extent these all involve love.
Love for children
Love of old ways
The love of another race
The love for a wife
The love of the girl
The love of the girl

Wow what a surprised , 4 of those 6. Had a love story involved. Okay my question is, which is the main story? the science fiction or the love story?

Avatar for example, without the sub side story of the love of Neytiri without with there would be no real story. It would of gone, go to planet, find the aliens, kill the aliens, take there treasure.
Change Planet to land, alien to people. And wow its been done before ?:o

I personally think all stories are primarily about love, and that all stories in theory are the same. But what is wrong with that? All humans love, we all live and die. That are story put simply.

In westerns the hero loves a girl

Brands of Western:
Science Ficition.

The Same goes for Sci Fi

Soft and Social
Time Travel
Alternative History
Super Human
Space Opera
Space Western
New Wave
Steam Punk
Bio Punk

So my conclusions to this there is only one generic story to tell.
The plot is then thickened by adding a genre, horror, western, comedy, sci-fi
Then an extra sub genre is added for yet another level of depth.
They are then differentiated by the personal story of each character and there back story/personality's and twists with the plot. An evil character turns out to be good and vice versa.

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