Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hello thought i add something to my last post.


Multiplayer. Probably the most powerful tool or feature to a game.
Genrally as I dont game as much as I used too. I like to play multiplayer, now this can mean sitting with a mate controller each. Or over Xbox live. Either playing with people its the most enjoyable experince I have done throughout my gaming life. I think the experince of playing with someone else weather I know them or not increase the pleasure from the game. Whatever genre of game Ive played Fighting, Racings, Role Playing or First Person Shooters the experince is just different.

Okay Im not going to lie, there are alot of annoying people on xbox live and I have turned off the sound more than one time. However I have also played in a clans with organised games. Which is really enjoyable experince as you play with similar minded people with the same aims and the same level of experince. The best two games I have played online are Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and unfortunately World of Warcraft. However these are also the worst games i have played online and the level of realism has been decreased however playing with real people, in real time, with real reactions is alot more realistic and natural than firing at pre developed material.

Just wanted to add something to that post.

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