Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Okay this is a late post, I can i enjoyed this lecture I talk to my flatmates and they explain there lectures and they sound dull. I liked that we were playing to are skills and are lectures are visual based. The chance to have to work as a pair and draw was quite different. Will post up my poor random drawing thing.

However I like this concept of semiotics
One thing about all this is of the words.. too many!

But anyway lets hit this into lamens terms, so I can try and work this out.

The way I took the lecture and read the notes. There are two things. The real and the psychological. If I type the word Tree now. You will have a mental idea in your head of a tree. It maybe the word, a drawing, a painting, a photograph, a piece of film, it maybe somewhere you have been. But you will understand what a tree is, is you speak english which i expect you do :)However there are different levels of these mental images. Or physical copies of the orginal

Obviously the most real thing is the Tree itself, when maybe a piece of film, a photo, to a drawing then to the word tree. This can be subdivied even more as a childs drawing of a tree, which any child would be able to do. And as human are minds could work out these marks on the page are a tree. Whereas if we compare this to John Constable paintings of a tree

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