Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The lecture I missed!
Was said about missing this as, when I next spoke to people about it, I got a really postive response, and lots of people have decieded to do there essays on it.

What i gathered from the notes and powerpoint is that interextuallity is nothing is truly orginal everything we see or recreate or think or read about. Already exsits.

For example

Just some vampires i thought of the top of my head, a fair few. All based on the same story, twisted changed a variety of different looks and styles however when it comes down to anyalse they are all just remakes of a charcter in a book.

Again when i think of a dark hero, i think strider (aragorn) from lord of the rings, i think Solomon Kane and Van Helsing.

No real hiding it here, they could all be the same charcter.

Anyway moving the other thought i had after reading is sequels or other film refrences.

Things that come to mind are Pixar with refrence to there other films
Family most episodes have some sort of parody in them for example "something something dark side"

As a family guy fan, and a star wars fan. I really enjoyed this episode. Its just one large pardody however in contrast to this in planet of the apes the same charcter use the same line from the orginal film to the remake and pay tribute to that. It all pokes fun in the story for example the first line, "look we got 4 or 5 of the main charcter on the ship i think we will be fine" its true and when you think about it, its was unlikely they would kill 5 charcters off. The reference to the robot camals, maybe the orginal idea for the book was based on a camal, showing another unorginal idea, the way family guy pokes fun of the concept of a robot camal is funny as it show us literally what we are looking at it.

Another funny video is parody of a the new tron trailer.
as it literally describes everything that happens, which makes the actions and cinemotraghy look silly.

If you liked that assisans creed brotherhood also have a parody

Iconic moment in films are worth using in remakes if it works well however sometimes it doesnt work well and it feel artfical and cheesey.

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